Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Welcome to Recreating the Paranormal

Recreating the Paranormal is a side-blog for My Paranormal Life, I thought the experiment would get lost with-in MPL, so I decided to make a separate blog solely dedicated to this experiment. I will still post the videos I am making to MPL, but there will be a lot more info and analysis about the videos and photos here at RTP.

About the experiment in Recreating the Paranormal:

My aim is the replicate some of the more famous paranormal videos out there using camera tricks, computers and film editing, analysing and deconstructing possible methods and solutions the achieve a desired result. I do not intend to disprove paranormal video and photo evidence, just to replicate it.

My belief is that if we can easily spot a fake, we can also spot genuinely unique and unexplainable video footage more easily.

What I intend to cover:
  • Ghost, Orbs, Poltergeists, Haunting and many more topics related to this area of the Paranormal.
  • UFOs, using computers and props.
Further on down the track I'd like to cover some cryptozoology stuff, Bigfoot etc, but that would take a lot more effort and money to pull off.

Time to get experimenting.